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The glossariumBITri targets the meeting of the different points of view in the general study of information, here with regard to specific voices. In interdisciplinary contexts as the one of our convern, polysemy is often encountered, but in many cases we also deal with specific theoretical terms which clarification allow us to understand better the different theories or viewpoints on stake. On the other hand, problems can be perceived differently from each other's perspective. We consider that all of them shall provide valuable insights to achieve a deeper understanding of the related problems. As a consequence of preserving these insterest with respect to polysemical, specific voices, and problems concerning information, the conceived methodology for the glossariumBITri entails an collaborative elaboration in which all members may participate in every article but assuming responsibilities –distributed among members- with regard to the edition work. Specifically:

  1. All members are potential authors of entries for every proposed voice (although in the praxis authors will confine themselves to those voices appealing their perspectives, or the ones they can better handle). For every voice the editing section can be used to propose new contents, while the discussion area is reserved to discuss about the contents currently shown in the article area.
  2. The editor (one for every voice/article) will take the responsibility to incorporate every entry into the definitive article in a structured and non-redundant manner. The editor will organise the reviewing process and the result will be shown in the discussion area. The contents will only be considered as published when the editor upon reviewer’s assessment approve its publication, otherwise the proposed articles will remain as unpublished. This is a main difference –besides its object- between this glossary and Wikipedia. The editor may ask contributors to specify here and there; to improve the text; to add references… In many cases (especially at early stages) the editor may be the main or the unique contributor to the article. After official publication of an article, new proposals will also be highlighted before the reviewed article incorporates the new contributions.
  3. For every article, the discussion area will allow members to do comments, critics, suggestions, questions to the actual entries, etc. This space is accessed through the tap located at the top left of every article.
  4. Every article will be edited in both Spanish and English. It will also be pointed out the most used and nearest voices in French and German. In case the editor board has enough capabilities to support an additional language then glossariumBITri could be developed in such language.
  5. For the development of the glossariumBITri this system based on MediaWiki technology is supported by a technical team, in charge of implementing security measures, new functionalities and a gangway to the other components of the glossariumBITri multimodal system, namely the journal and the book editions. Each article is located in a different page that can be accessed through the indexes, hyperlinks or the searching tool.